Your medication is not effective if you don’t take it every day.
Your risk of dramatic consequences, such as heart
attack or stroke, increase by a 1/3 if you do not take your medicine1.

Heart attack

To protect yourself do not forget to take your medication every day!

Here are some tips to help remember:

Put an alarm on your phone
Associate it with another habit
Check a box after your pill is taken
Ask someone to remind you

Please be aware!

Having correct blood pressure numbers (<130/80 mm Hg) does not mean that you are cured*! It is important to keep taking your treatment as prescribed by your doctor! 

*<130/80 mm Hg is normal for patients <65 yo. For patients >65 yo normal blood pressure is 130-139/70-80 mm Hg.

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1. Bohm M. et al. Am Heart J. 2013;166:306-314.e7